GoPro will stop making drones and dismiss 20 percent of employees

The financial report of the company GoPro for the fourth quarter of last year, published the other day, it seems, does not bode well for the company’s employees – 300 people fell under the reduction. Apparently, after such large-scale layoffs, there will be no one to deal with the production of quadrocopters, so they are also stopping production. In addition, there are persistent rumors that GoPro begins to prepare documents for sale.

Changes also affected the company’s management team. So, the general director of GoPro was cut wages, now it is one dollar a year. All these changes, according to the published report, will allow the company “to stay afloat”, to reduce costs, and by 2018 to start again to make a profit. Cases with sales go unimportant, so the price for a new GoPro Hero 6 will be reduced by $ 100. Now it can be purchased for 399 dollars.

Sources in the media report that the option of selling GoPro is also not excluded – the audit company JP Morgan prepares documents, and the company’s management continues to look for buyers. The preliminary price of the company, according to preliminary estimates, fluctuates around a billion dollars. A year earlier the price was almost three times higher. Not happy and the price of shares. Three years ago they were sold at a price of $ 86 per piece, but now the company’s stock can be bought for only $ 6 a little.

Recall that the problems with drones from GoPro began as early as the beginning of last year – then the company was forced to recall all Karma aircraft due to identified malfunctions, which were subsequently eliminated. Nevertheless, sales were far from ideal, and the company began to suffer permanent losses against the background of declining interest in its products.

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